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How To Twitter Feeds Can Help in Brand Promotion & Sales Generation?

Said to be a goldmine of user-generated content- ‘Twitter’ is one of the most engaging social media platforms displaying the most trustworthy & authentic form of content. Be it images or videos, every content you see on Twitter is termed as Twitter Feed. These Twitter feeds are curated in such a vibrant manner that theContinue reading “How To Twitter Feeds Can Help in Brand Promotion & Sales Generation?”


Why YouTube Videos is Hottest Growth Right Now

In March 2021, YouTube released its new feature that allows users to post vertical videos with a duration of 60-second or less. And since then, it has gained significant traffic. According to the YouTube CEO, YouTube shorts racked up 3.5 billion views in a day during its beta testing in India. One of the mainContinue reading “Why YouTube Videos is Hottest Growth Right Now”

Simple Ways To Add LinkedIn Posts To Your Website

If given a chance to explain social media as a physical atmosphere, we would like to explain LinkedIn as an office space. We keep everything professional there. In simple words, we can say LinkedIn provides great professional support.  LinkedIn helps brands grow business connections, connect with industry experts, post job openings, hire managers or employees,Continue reading “Simple Ways To Add LinkedIn Posts To Your Website”

The Only Shopify Facebook Feed App You Need

35% of the total populace, 2.8 billion individuals, sign in to Facebook consistently. Generally similar level of the world’s 400 million dynamic sites show Facebook and other online media feeds. In some cases, embedding a solitary Facebook post to a blog article is all you want, and Facebook has a helpful device for you toContinue reading “The Only Shopify Facebook Feed App You Need”

Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for 2022

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and making their market in the digital marketing space. And as businesses are spoilt for choices for the social media platforms for their promotion, LinkedIn stands out as the platform that we can say is perfectly made for companies and professionals. Why do we say that? Because LinkedIn isContinue reading “Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for 2022”

Best Ways To Embed Facebook Reviews On Website

In the past few years, we witnessed a sudden rise in the popularity of social media platforms. During this growth, many platforms were introduced and have successfully established themselves. However, even in this tough competition, Facebook still stands as the king of social media platforms.  Being one of the oldest platforms in the social mediaContinue reading “Best Ways To Embed Facebook Reviews On Website”

7 Authentic Ways to Grow Instagram Followers in 2022

Instagram was officially launched on October 6, 2010. And since there is no going back from a simple photo-sharing app, it has now transformed into a social media giant. With over 500+ million daily active users, it provides a great stage for the users to market content in front of a large audience. With suchContinue reading “7 Authentic Ways to Grow Instagram Followers in 2022”

Importance Of Facebook Page Reviews & How To Embed On Website

Facebook Business Reviews are a form of customer feedback shared by the customers or buyers on the Facebook Business Page to share their experience and opinions. Facebook reviews are great tools for businesses to build authority and a good social media presence to display to potential customers. Facebook reviews can be in text, star ratings,Continue reading “Importance Of Facebook Page Reviews & How To Embed On Website”

Instagram Stories: Don’t Underestimate IG Stories For Business

Do you want to know the real power of Instagram Stories for your business? If you are eager to use Instagram Stories perfectly, this is the right blog for you. Here, you will know how to powerfully use Instagram Stories to attract, engage, and bring conversions with your followers.  Ever since the inception of InstagramContinue reading “Instagram Stories: Don’t Underestimate IG Stories For Business”

Facebook Reviews: Increase Your Business Gradually

It would not be incorrect to say that Facebook is the largest and fastest growing social media platform globally. With a user base of 2.85 monthly active users, Facebook has opened multiple doors for brands to stay ahead of their marketing game.  Did you know that over 200 million new businesses on Facebook use theContinue reading “Facebook Reviews: Increase Your Business Gradually”

Top 5 Facebook Feed Apps For Shopify

According to the statistics provided by Shopify, there are more than 820,000 merchants on their platform. If you are one of them and looking for simple ways to stand out from the crowd. Then you are at the right place. Shopify is the most popular commerce platform that allows everyone to open an e-store andContinue reading “Top 5 Facebook Feed Apps For Shopify”

Why Should You Embed Instagram Feed On A Website?

Integrating Instagram feeds on a website is a must marketing strategy of recent marketers. But you know why is it so? To get the answer, let’s dive into this post and learn why brands and marketers are using Instagram feeds in their marketing campaigns.  With the growing competition and globalization of the market, it becomesContinue reading “Why Should You Embed Instagram Feed On A Website?”

Tips To Increase Your Shopify Website Traffic

If you desire to open an e-store, then Shopify is your one-stop solution. Talking about the popularity, according to an announcement made by the platform, Shopify has more than 820,000 satisfied merchants around the world. One of the main reasons for Shopify’s popularity is that it provides over 5300 app that provide great aid toContinue reading “Tips To Increase Your Shopify Website Traffic”

Key Benefits of Adding Social Media Feeds on Websites!

In today’s competitive world of social media, businesses & brands are more concerned about their social presence and online reputation. According to recent research, marketers find it a bit difficult to update the content on the website creatively and engagingly. The solution to this dilemma is to add your social media feeds on the website,Continue reading “Key Benefits of Adding Social Media Feeds on Websites!”

Facebook Reviews: Increase Your Business Gradually

What does a rational customer do before making any purchase? – They check reviews. That is not a false claim, as 95% of people agreed to read reviews before making a purchase decision (source: G2). While 93% of customers read reviews of local businesses to determine their quality (source: Bright Local). Therefore reviews are important.Continue reading “Facebook Reviews: Increase Your Business Gradually”

How to Add Live Social Media Feeds on WordPress Website

No doubt there are many social media aggregator tools out there, but in some cases, they are either hashtag-oriented or limited in features. Using such tools is great but there’s more than that in a social media aggregator that’s gonna make your content stand out from your competitors. Here are the tools or say solutionContinue reading “How to Add Live Social Media Feeds on WordPress Website”

Embed RSS Feeds On Websites In Just A Few Simple Clicks

Want to make your website informative and engaging for the website? – Here is a straightforward hack – Embed RSS feeds on website. Many people still consider RSS outdated, but RSS still has its relevance even in this modern digital world. RSS feeds help you to combine all the needed information from different sources in oneContinue reading “Embed RSS Feeds On Websites In Just A Few Simple Clicks”

Embed Instagram Feed Gallery on Website

With the rise in technology, diverse Social media platforms have become much popular among people of all ages. Social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will help marketers to communicate and connect more easily with their customers. For the past many years, Instagram has become the most popular choice among brands, marketers, andContinue reading “Embed Instagram Feed Gallery on Website”

What is RSS and how can it help my business?

RSS is a term you might have seen, maybe even in one of our other blog sections. You may have even seen or preferred another site’s RSS feed, however what is RSS? Do you truly require a RSS feed for your own site? Does anybody by any chance use them any more? The appropriate response,Continue reading What is RSS and how can it help my business?

How to Add Google Reviews on Squarespace Website?

About 70 percent of the customers seek reviews before they make a purchase decision. Reviews from the real customers not only make your business trustworthy but it also increases the chances of purchases that generate higher revenue. Reviews make customers know about the authenticity of the brand and give the right view of your productContinue reading “How to Add Google Reviews on Squarespace Website?”