Most Fruitful Ways To Embed TikTok Widget On WordPress Website

Within the global of social media marketing, there is perpetual talk of new social media platforms to conquer and find potential users on. As such, this has to leads many website owners to learn how to embed the TikTok widgets on WordPress.

A Brief Introduction About TikTok


TikTok itself is only six years old, although the platform has a long history. It’s known as Douyin in China (TikTok’s ‘home’ country), and although both apps share the same functionality and features, they’re separate from one another platform.

When Douyin’s owners sought to go globally, they acquired the popular service. and it may go shortly popular. This gained popularity through short-form lip-synced videos that are most popular in the world. Once the merger took place, TikTok was born and exploded onto the global stage.

How To Embed TikTok Widget on WordPress Website?

In this article, I’ll go over the different ways of embedding the TikTok Widget on WordPress Websites. Then, I’ll provide you with the best WordPress plugins and social media aggregator tools to accomplish each method.

Let’s get start

FirstWay – Without WordPress Plugin


Right here are the few easy steps to embed the TikTok widget on the WordPress website by using the Tagembed Widget:

  • Create Tagembed account or log in if you already have an account
  • Now open the Tagembed dashboard
  • Create the first widget that will be already created, just click on the open button to proceed
  • A new pop-up open and “Pick a source” will appear, here select TikTok from the list of networks
  • Choose the connection type with the hashtag and handle and now Click on the “Create Feed” button
  • Now, click on the create feed button to start aggregation. Now display the TikTok feed on the WordPress website
  • So, click on the embed widget button at the bottom-left of the menu panel
  • Now a popup open or choose WordPress
  • From the WordPress popup screen or adjust the pixel as per your needs.
  • Now copy the shortcode to embed and visit the admin page of your WordPress website

Congratulations! You have successfully embed TikTok videos on the WordPress website.

#SecondWay– Using By WordPress Plugin

tagembed plugin

If you don’t want to deal with embed codes, you can also turn to a WordPress plugin to help you include your TikTok widget on WordPress. So, Social Media Feeds Plugin provides simple shortcodes to display your TikTok videos on the WordPress website.

Here are some easy steps to add TikTok widget to WordPress Website using the Social Media Feeds WordPress Plugin:

  • Go to the plugin section on your WordPress dashboard and click on Add New.
  • Search Tagembed & Install or Upload Tagembed Plugin Zip Folder.
  • Activate the Tagembed Widget.
  • Register or Sign Up with the Tagembed WordPress plugin.
  • Click on Add Feed to collect social media feeds from your desired networks like TikTok.
  • So now fetch the TikTok as per your preference.
  • Select from 10+ Layouts, Personalize feed style, and set up moderation.
  • Click on the display section to preview and copy the shortcode.
  • Now you can go to the blog and webpage where you can embed code.
  • To add a new block, search “Tagembed”, select the block and a dialog box appears.
  • Paste the shortcode and click on “Embed”.
  • Update the website to see the published content.

Voila! You have successfully copied the embed code for the Tiktok widget for your WordPress website.

Why are you waiting for? So Hurry up use now this plugin.

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