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Most Eminent Facebook Widget Tools For Webflow

Facebook is one of the platforms that can be held accountable for its social media dominance. Before Facebook, no one would have thought that there could be a platform that could be this revolutionary to bring the world so close. And same goes with Webflow; with the help of this platform, businesses can now enjoy having an online presence with ease. And as online businesses have reached new heights, brands are looking to fully utilize provided resources and hence are opting to embed the Facebook widget on Webflow.

So, if you are looking to join this bandwagon, then this blog can be helpful for you; in this blog, we will be discussing the tools that help you embed your Facebook feed on the Webflow website. 

But before that, let us get a quick brief about the Facebook widget.

About Facebook Widget

In recent times, you might have noticed that many brand websites display a Facebook feed on the website. Facebook widget are those operational blocks on the website that help the users to display Facebook content on the website, without affecting website speed and quality. Facebook widgets help to beautify the website’s visual appeal as they seamlessly show Facebook feeds.

There are ample tools currently available on the internet that provide the Facebook widget to embed on the website and ease the whole embedding process. And these are the best-rated tools presently available on the internet.

Best Tools That Enables To Embed Facebook Widget On Webflow Website

As mentioned above, there are ample tools available on the internet, but we have listed the best from the lot for your ease and convenience. You can find these tools without any hassle and operate like a pro.

1. Tagembed

The first name on our list is, Tagembed. This is one of the finest and well known social media aggregator tools. The tool is known for making the embedding process simple and hassle-free, offering various valuable tools and budget-friendly pricing plans.

Even if you belong from a nontechnical background or do not have any coding experience, you can still operate the tool easily. It provides you with a dedicated Facebook widget that helps you display Facebook feeds on the website. Tagembed helps users collect social media feeds from 20+ social media platforms, including Facebook. Allows them to curate and customize the curated feeds and then display them on a website. And as the widget are responsive, your visitor using any device can view the content from the widget without any hassle.

Alongside easing the embedding process, it also offers various useful features that add tremendous value to the tool and adds great significance to this strategy. These features include customization that allows you to personalize your widget as per your need. Here you can change the font size, font style, widget color, and more. The tool also provides moderation features that help you in removing all irrelevant and unwanted posts from the website and maintaining the website’s quality.

Custom CSS, custom CTA, and analytics are some of many other major features. 

2. Elfsight

Elfsight is another fantastic tool that helps you collect and display social media feeds on the website. The tool is affiliated with Facebook and as well as Webflow, allowing you to embed the Facebook widget on the Webflow website.

By following some simple steps, you easily add the Facebook widget to your Webflow website and improve its overall look and feel of it. Like the tools in this list, even this tool is easy-to-use and does not require any coding knowledge or skill.

The tool also provides some useful features that help in gathering more benefits from the widget. Elfsight provides various customizing options for the widget. You can choose an appropriate font size, font style, background color, and layout style for your widget and make it look professional and vibrant.

3. EmbedSocial

Last but not least, Embed Social is a powerful tool helping users collect, curate, customize, and display social media feeds on a website. With the help of the Facebook widget provided by the tool, you can easily exhibit Facebook feeds with ease.

You have to opt to showcase feeds from different sources like you can showcase the feed from your Facebook page, or showcase the posts or content that have mentioned you, etc. You can choose from various varied sources and showcase the content with ease.

With the use of features, you can make the widget more useful and attention-grabbing. It is essential that your visitors notice the widget, or else what will be the point of having a Facebook widget on the website?


Facebook widgets provide tremendous help to businesses and their website. They have ample benefits as they add appeal to your website and help strengthen your social media presence.

The regular feeds and content also provide some social proof to the customers. People also post reviews on Facebook, and with the help of these widgets, you can display those reviews and win the trust of your potential customers.

The tools mentioned above are the best currently available tools in the market. These provide excellent aid as they help to embed the Facebook widgets on the Webflow website, and help you in getting an edge over your competitors in the market.


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