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Top 3 Effective Twitter Hashtag Feed Tracking Tools For 2022

Twitter is one of the most used platforms to celebrate the most trending topics all around the world. A powerful social media platform with 206 million users daily, Twitter and its elements play a major role in marketing.

Talking about elements, Twitter’s prime tool is the hashtag. Twitter is indeed all about hashtags. Twitter hashtags play a crucial role for marketers. They give insights into what topics are trending among the users and what they are sharing and exploring.

Using your brand’s hashtag, users post a variety of content on Twitter. With so many users, just imagine the amount of content being created!

Leveraging the Twitter hashtag feed helps you in boosting the growth of your brand and drive more user engagement. This finally helps in shooting up the sales and conversions.

Hashtags serve multiple benefits to marketers. It is high time to use the hashtag analytics tool to monitor the performance and boost the overall growth of your brand and website page.

Thinking about which tool to use? Don’t worry! This blog will give you an idea of the same.

Below is a list of some of the effective Twitter hashtag feed tracking tools for you. Keep reading to know more.

Top 3 Effective Twitter Hashtag Feed Tracking Tools For Business – 2022

1. Tagembed Widget


Tagembed is a smart tool that helps you collect feeds from Twitter hashtags feed and create an interactive engaging social media wall on your website.

The highlighting feature of this tool is that you can display all your hashtags in one place. You can aggregate the UGC around your brand’s hashtag or the hashtag campaigns from social media networks to add to the website using the Twitter widget.

Offering a variety of theme catalogs, designs, layouts, fonts, colors, fonts, and other customization options, Tagembed helps in making your website stand out from the crowd.

You can get detailed insights into how many people viewed and interacted with your hashtag content.

Some more features offered by the Tagembed tool are as follows:-

  • Creative customization
  • No coding required
  • Hashtag highlighter
  • Auto-sync
  • Cost-effective

2. Tweet Binder

Tweet binder

Tweet binder is a wonderful tool that helps in expanding your market reach and magnifying your follower base. It aligns well with your market strategy to give you the desired results.

This tool helps in getting an in-depth Twitter analytics report and even lets you obtain your campaign’s data be it user ranking, impact reach, and so on. You can compare the results with the other campaigns that took place in the past or may have in real-time.

You can easily evaluate the influencer’s activity by their user rankings option. It helps in detecting the most active and popular accounts and most mentioned and retweeted users. This tool lets you easily bind your hashtag tweets according to the parameters you choose to decide.

The best part of all is that you can analyze your Twitter hashtags. You can measure easily how positive or negative or even neutral the messages in your tweets are.

3. Taggbox Widget


It helps you collect feeds from Twitter hashtags and create an interactive engaging social media wall on your website. This social media aggregator tool helps in collecting content from Twitter using hashtags hassle-free. It also facilitates creating a live Twitter wall to embed on the website or to display at any event or venue.

You can use its live Twitter wall for multiple events to enhance audience engagements and user attraction. You can even embed this wall created by Twitter hashtags feed on your website. What’s better than having a visually enticing website to boost the overall look?

It offers responsive layouts to aesthetically display your Twitter wall on the website & screen. You can creatively display sponsored posts too using this tool and get detail-oriented analytics too.

The best thing about this tool is that it is easy to set up, and has a responsive design to give a seamless experience, instant content updates, and insightful analytics.


So right some of the best Twitter hashtags feed tracking tools for any website. Use these amazing tools and boost the business growth of your website.


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