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How To Display TikTok Hashtag Video Feed On Website?

Display TikTok video feed on your website isn’t easy as embedding an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter feed, because TikTok doesn’t offer an official API for other developers to easily pull content from your account.

But don’t be sad.

While Tagembed is hard at work developing easier ways for you to embed your entire TikTok video feed on the website. Right here is the easy way that is currently available that allows you to embed TikTok feeds, so you can create your own curated feeds.

We’ll show exactly how to display the TikTok hashtag video feed on the website.

How To Display TikTok Hashtag Video Feed On Website?

To display TikTok video on the website, you need not be a tech-geek. Just follow these easy steps to add a TikTok hashtag video feed on the website by Using the most popular social media aggregator tool Tagembed:

  1. Start by creating an account on Tagembed free tool. If you already have an existing account on the platform, then Log in. 
free account

2. If you are a new user then your first widget will be created by default now click on the “Open” button to proceed to collect TikTok video feeds for your website. Or if you are an existing user, then click on the “Create Widget” button present in the top right corner of the screen, and provide the desired name for the widget.

open widget

3. Select TikTok as your content aggregation source from the pop-up menu is available on your screen.

social media sources

4. Once you are done selecting, you can select from two options – Handle(@) and HashTag(#) feeds as your connection type 

create tiktok feed

5. Next, you need to type your credentials and once you are done you will be able to see TikTok videos on the widget editor in a few seconds. And after that click on the Embed widget button present in the bottom left corner of the widget editor.

TikTok Widget

6. Next, you need to select your website building platform from the pop-up menu and you can select from a variety of options available.

website platform

7. You will also have the option to adjust the height and width of the widget to suit the look of your website 

adjust height and width

8. Finally, Click on the Get Code option and copy the generated embed code on a clipboard and paste this embed code onto the backend of your website, webpage, and blog where you wish to embed the TikTok feeds. 

Great, now your TikTok hashtag videos would have successfully been embedded on your website! 

Why should you display TikTok videos on your website?

Why would you display TikTok videos on your website in the first place? Let’s explore some important business and marketing use cases.

1. Boost your website to your audience

Gen Z is still the main visitor of TikTok, with 43% of users between the ages of 15 and 26. However, millennials and baby boomers are the fastest-growing audiences.

So, if your business targets gen Z, or older generations that like to stay up with the times, then you can impress your target audience by displaying your TikTok hashtag feed on your website.

2. Make your website more interactive

TikTok videos are often really funny and easily capture the viewer’s attention right away.

All of the effort you put into making amazing TikTok videos and interesting topics can be maximized by including the content on your website. It’s sort of a “why not?” moment. If you’re making great TikTok videos, why not put them on your website?

Even if you have a great website template are available, you still need to freshen things up sometimes. It gives you website viewers something new to see when they visit your website, and it helps them make an immediate connection with your brand and audience.

3. Grow your TikTok follwers

You might also choose amazing videos to add to your website in order to call attention to the fact that you have a personal TikTok account. How will your customers and fans know that you have an account if you don’t tell them?

And they see your TikTok videos in the footer of your website, webpage, blog, etc. and they have the option to click on one of them, then follow you on TikTok and increase your TikTok followers easily.

Final Thoughts

Right now TikTok has 800+ million active users, 500+ million of which live in China and 300+ million in the rest of the global. Their total user base is higher than LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit. Clearly, the platform now has every right to be considered one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

Because the non-Gen-z community is the fastest-growing in marketing, it’s also clear that TikTok isn’t just for kids.

Brands are using TikTok to boost business growth and the business community. And you can extract more benefits from platform by adding TikTok Widget on your website.

So make the most out of this platform and display TikTok videos on your website with ease.


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