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9 Amazing Benefits of Google Review Widget You Might Not Know

Whenever you decide to make a purchase from an eCommerce website, you are most likely to look for customer reviews. But why so? It is because you as a customer respond to social proof. It is believed that other users will not be biased towards the brand and will present their genuine feedback. For the same reason, brands should focus on displaying Google customer reviews on their website in order to increase their credibility.

About Google Reviews?

Google reviews are the feedback about the products and services which are made by the customers who have purchased, used, and had an experience with the brand. Google review widget is made public and your audience gets access to the information about the quality of the product you are offering.   Google reviews serve as a perfect mix of positive and negative feedback from your audience. Displaying them on your website increases your online reputation and the credibility of your brand. It carries some other benefits as well.

Let us enumerate some key benefits of embed google reviews on websites.

google reviews

Amazing Benefits of Google Review Widget on Website:

Embed Google reviews widget can beneficial for any brand and business in multiple ways. All that you need to do is aggregate and embed customer reviews on your website. This will enhance trust, gather recognition, showcase transparency and help you achieve the marketing and increase sales target strategically better and faster.

1. Improves the quality of products and services :

Customer reviews are beneficial to marketers in improving the quality of services and products they offer. Customers will leave genuine feedback which will let you know about their experience and keep your feet on the ground with respect to customer satisfaction. By quickly resolving the queries generated by your users, you can refine the customer services thereby giving them an overwhelming experience and satisfaction.

2. Increased social proof and authenticity

The quality of products and services can definitely please your existing audience. But, what about your customers beyond that? Despite giving a good quality service to your customers, you are less likely to reach a considerable number of users. Google review widget helps them with their buying decisions. Much like we would ask the people around for recommendations, google reviews allow us to do this online with just a few clicks.

3. Reviews acts as a voice for your brand

Everyone wants to be heard and share their experience for others to see. Google review widget give a voice to your customers. It lets you interact with them which otherwise is not possible. If the user is taking time to leave a review then he/she is most likely to be your loyal customer. This builds their relationship with your business. 

4. Influence the customer’s buying behavior 

As per Brightlocal, consumer review survey, 97% of consumers looked for online reviews about local businesses. The number in itself says the importance of flashing your reviews on your website. Above all, 85% of the users trust google reviews more than what’s being recommended to you by your family, friends, and marketers. Your online ratings and reviews will greatly impact their buying decisions. So, make sure google review occupies a space on your website.

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5. Impacts sales and revenues 

Embed Google reviews can significantly affect your revenues because that’s what customers look for when deciding to buy a product. Your audience wants to hear the opinions of the other consumers despite being complete strangers. They find it genuine as it is drawn from experience. Higher ratings and positive reviews make your product desirable. This increases the chances of conversions which results in increased sales and revenues.

6. Acts as a unique UGC

User-generated content, generally referred to as UGC, creates transparency between you and your customers. Google reviews act as reliable content that a consumer can refer to before making a buying decision. No in-house content is trusted completely. Many promotional activities fail because of the same reason. But, google reviews never lets you down. They add up to brand advocacy and give it recognition.

7. Improves your ranking

Positive reviews engage a considerable amount of audience with your brand. This is trustworthy content that benefits your brand valuation. Google reviews are one of the most important and crucial factors that helps improve your brand ranking. Pages with reviews that mention a particular keyword are found to have higher rankings.   

8. Promotions being done by your customers itself

Favorable reviews from your happy customers are no less than a successful marketing campaign. The scrutiny spreads through word of mouth and leads to some more customers adding up to the brand. Your audience acts as micro-influencers that continues maintaining a positive image of your brand amongst potential customers and even beyond that.

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9. Increased time spent on your website

User engagement and their time spent on your website are what make it thriving. Customer reviews are additional information about the products and services you offer. So, why not flash them on the website? Customers love clarity and genuineness. Reviews are the bona fide experiences that every user wants to access. It increases their dwell time and your website will receive new visitors every now and then.

Google reviews are no less than a marketing strategy that adds credibility to your brand. This is a cost-effective approach to reach out to your potential customers. 

Tagembed has made your task even simpler. Its google review widget tool helps you embed and displays customer reviews on your website. The simple steps to embed google review saves you from the pesky codes and complex integrations. 

Here Some Example of Google Review Widget on Website:

So Why You Waiting For


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